CSG Tips

Tips on using our clamp selector guide:
  1. This page is the default that shows both Wolverine and Knu-Vise Clamps. For accessories ONLY select the Accessories menu item under "Our Products."
  2. After making a selection a line appears at the top of the guide with a link that allows you to X - Clear All Selections. This comes in handy when using the guide.
  3. The white text on blue menu items are called "attributes" the little down arrows open to show the corresponding "values" that are blue text on a light background before selecting.
  4. Some attributes are default to open and some values have a "more" links that give more values. The number (in parenthesis) next to the values represent the number of items in the results.
  5. When clicked the values show as blue text on white background and the results change as you "drill down" the menu with the last click representing the narrowest selection related to your search.
  6. All fractional values are represented in decimals. Plus or minus tolerance is identified with the abbreviation Tol: on the menu. Abbreviations for attributes were used in many cases to work within the menu space.





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