Portable Hand Pliers

Portable Hand PliersPortable hand pliers or plier clamps are created to provide a portable solution to problems where a large amount of versatility is required. Portable hand pliers can be used with one hand  and are available in a large variety of jaw openings and they come equipped with an upper and lower spindle for adjusting the clamping thickness. A couple of types of portable hand pliers are the flexi-grip toggle plier and the hole locating toggle plier.

The flexi-grip toggle plier is spring loaded toggle action plier for clamping various thicknesses. The hole locating toggle plier, two or more pieces can be joined and located through their common holes in order to preform a manufacturing process.

Uses for Portable Hand Pliers and Safety Tips

Portable hand pliers can be used in a wide array of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and more.  Any industry that requires clamping forces up to 2400 lbs should consider a portable hand plier.

There are always safety precautions you should keep in mind when using pliers. The first thing you should consider is protective eye wear. Like many hand and power tools, you never know what could slip or ricochet and end up in your eye, always wear eye protection. Some other safety precautions to keep in mind are:

  • Make sure plier’s jaws can grasp the object properly before tightening.
  • Do not hammer objects with a pair of pliers.
  • Don’t increase pliers handle lengths to gain more leverage, you should just use the proper size pliers for the job.
  • Make sure you have the proper holding capacity for the pliers for the particular job being done.

If you are looking to purchase pliers for your next job, Lapeer Manufacturing has a large line of pliers to choose from. We have pliers with Sprin Loaded Spindle and anywhere from 1200lb capacity to 2400 lb capacity. If you do not see the pliers or clamps you are looking for, give us a call at 1-800-826-1428 and we can help you find the right plier or clamp you need!