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Lapeer Manufacturing offers c-clamps in both Knu-Vise and Wolverine brand, these are durable and dependable clamps for use in any industry.



C-Clamps Benefits and Uses

C-Clamps benefits range from a wide variety of industries. Our Knu-Vise C-Clamps are larger than our Plier clamps and are made to handle larger loads. C-Clamps or sometimes referred to as G-Clamps, are used to hold materials in place, usually wood or metal. These clamps are used in many industries such as carpentry, welding, automotive […]


Heavy-Duty Clamps

Lapeer Manufacturing’s Wolverine brand of clamps specializes primarily in heavy duty clamps. Clamps such as Hold Down and Linear Action clamps are a staple of the Wolverine brand clamps. These rugged heavy duty clamps are built with quality drop forged and billet components and are always tough and reliable. These heavy-duty clamps are built to last […]


C-Clamps Michigan

C-clamps have a multitude of uses in a variety of industries. C-clamps are sometimes referred to as a G-clamps or G-cramps, the name is a result from the overall look of the clamp. The clamp itself can look like a C, hence the name. C-clamps are typically used to hold two objects together. Technically there […]