Straight Line Clamps Michigan

Straight Line Clamps or Push Pull Clamps

Straight line clamps are sometimes known as strait line clamps, push or pull clamps, or linear action clamps. Furthermore straight line clamps are used to apply a clamping force directly toward or away from the surface they are mounted to. Also they are mostly used to pull to objects together or push two objects together.

There are many industries that use these clamps or push pull clamps such as:

  • Wood Working
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Plastics Industry
  • Ceramics
  • And Many More!

At Lapeer Manufacturing our straight line clamps are used in a variety of ways. Consequently our clamps are used in many factories across the country. While usually used for fabricating or machining components. Also Lapeer is the premiere supplier of straight line clamps in Michigan and our clamps are used for things such as:

  • Framework fixtures
  • Automotive welding
  • Metal working
  • Welding or drilling projects
  • Gripping tubes or pipe
  • Along with countless other uses

Straight Line Clamps and Push Pull Clamps

Our push pull clamps are capable of large capacities from 800 lbs all the way to 2,500 lbs. Also clamps like our PHL-2501-P-SC1 come with our Positive Locking feature. The Positive Locking is built to help clamps stay fastened and not to come loose from vibrations. In addition we have push pull, drawbar, hook, latch and threaded rod clamps all available from our Knu-Vise brand.  Along with the Knu-Vise clamps we also have Wolverine clamps for a more heavy duty type jobs.

Lapeer Manufacturing has providing clamps to Michigan based companies and companies all over the United States for decades. We stand behind our quality clamps and provide the best product possible to our customers. No matter what industry you and your company are in, you will benefit from using our clamps. Dependable and durable clamps that you can trust. Finally place an order today or give us a call at 1-800-826-1428 or request more information and find out how Lapeer Clamps are the best for you.