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The Wolverine brand, is our heavy-duty line of clamps used for larger workloads and made to last, call Lapeer today for your heavy-duty clamps.

Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Clamps

Some jobs just call for a more durable heavy-duty clamp.  That is where our Wolverine brand clamps come into play. Acquired in 2009 by Lapeer Manufacturing, the Wolverine line of clamps are designed for the most rugged line of work. Also, they are designed to withstand any size workload. Our Wolverine clamps are produced from top […]


Heavy-Duty Clamps

Lapeer Manufacturing’s Wolverine brand of clamps specializes primarily in heavy duty clamps. Clamps such as Hold Down and Linear Action clamps are a staple of the Wolverine brand clamps. These rugged heavy duty clamps are built with quality drop forged and billet components and are always tough and reliable. These heavy-duty clamps are built to last […]