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Toggle action clamps have many applications, and Lapeer Manufacturing offers an extensive selection to choose from order yours now!

Adjustable Toggle Clamp

An adjustable toggle clamp and toggle clamps, in general, have a variety of names. They can be known as hold-down clamps, quick release clamp, and over-center clamp among some of the names. Essentially a toggle clamp is a fastening device composed of a handle, a holding bar, and a linkage system. Also, once it is fully […]


Toggle Action Clamps in the Welding fields

As you know, Lapeer Manufacturing toggle action clamps can be used in many fields. One of those fields is welding. In production welding there is generally a fixture using clamps to improve quality and reduce production time. With a proper toggle clamp it can make your welding project much easier. Toggle action clamps can help […]


Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps are popular devices for manually clamping in areas such as construction, carpentry, metal working, woodworking and other areas. There are multiple uses for toggle clamps and a wide variety to choose from. At Lapeer Manufacturing, we offer Knu-Vise and Wolverine Tool brand name clamps. Knu-Vise Clamp Line Lapeer Manufacturing was established in 1946, and […]