Toggle Clamps

Knu-Vise Hold Down Toggle Clamp

Toggle Clamps are popular devices for manually clamping in areas such as construction, carpentry, metal working, woodworking and other areas. There are multiple uses for toggle clamps and a wide variety to choose from. At Lapeer Manufacturing, we offer Knu-Vise and Wolverine Tool brand name clamps.

Knu-Vise Clamp Line

Lapeer Manufacturing was established in 1946, and the original line of toggle clamps where and still are to this day, the Knu-Vise line. There is a large variety of clamps available in the Knu-Vise line, such as:

The superior performance of the Hold-Down and Linear Action clamps comes from being manufactured from primarily stamped and cast components, they offer a wide variety of uses and an outstanding value.

Wolverine Tool

Lapeer Manufacturing acquired the Wolverine Tool Company in 2009. There are three types of Wolverine clamps, they are Air Operated, Hold Down and the Linear.  The Wolverine line is mostly a heavy duty Hold Down and Linear Action clamps and are created from quality drop forged and billet components.

Toggle Clamps

With 70 years of experience in manufacturing toggle-clamps, Lapeer Manufacturing is the clear choice when you need to purchase a clamp. Visit our online catalog of clamps and accessories to find and purchase a Knu-Vise or Wolverine brand clamp from a leader in the industry!