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Plier Clamps are designed to provide portable solution to applications where maximum versatility is required.  Plier Clamps can be closed single handed and  when equipped with the optional unlocking lever can opened single handed as well.

Benefits and Uses of Plier Clamps

Regardless of what industry one is working in, there are just some things that our fingers cannot grasp and our strength is just too weak to get the job done. Sometimes we need help of tools such as plier clamps to get a firm, strong grip on materials. Plier clamps, also known as squeeze action […]


Portable Hand Pliers

Portable hand pliers or plier clamps are created to provide a portable solution to problems where a large amount of versatility is required. Portable hand pliers can be used with one hand  and are available in a large variety of jaw openings and they come equipped with an upper and lower spindle for adjusting the […]