Push Pull Clamps Michigan

Push Pull Clamp

A push-pull clamp is a toggle clamp that are used for applications where straight line clamping is required. The push-pull clamp have a over the center toggle lock that can be in a extended or retracted position. Because of this it allows the action to be either pulled or pushed for the clamping. The best advantage of these clamps, is the ability to have a great clamping force with very little effort on the part of the operator.

At Lapeer Manufacturing Company we offer push pull clamps in Michigan from our two top brands Knu-Vise and Wolverine. Knu-Vise and Wolverine clamps are the top brand of push and pull clamps in Michigan and in the industry. The Wolverine line provides the ultimate in heavy-duty dependability and Knu-Vise push pull clamps offer unmatched flexibility to meet any project the clamps are needed for in any industry.

Here are some examples of push pull clamps we carry:

Our push pull clamps can handle a wide variety of capacities from 800 to 2500 lb capacity. Push pull clamps such as PHL-2501-P-SC1, offer a flange base and a extended and cross-drilled round push rod as well as a positive locking feature. Lapeer Manufacturing is your number one source for push pull clamps in Michigan, and with our years of clamp manufacturing experience there is no better choice! Give us a call today at 1-800-826-1428 for more great information about clamps!