Large Volume Discounts

Large Volume Discounts

Are you looking to buy large quantities of our Wolverine or Knu-Vise products? At Lapeer Manufacturing we can offer discount for large volume orders. Simply fill out our large volume request form and we will contact you about a discount on your order, just that simple.

We can offer discounts on clamps such as Wolverine Air Operated, Wolverine Hold Down or Wolverine Linear clamps. By buying in large volume quantities you guarantee your company will have a great product to use for years to come and with a discount price.  Not only do we offer a discount on Wolverine products, we also offer a large volume discount on Knu-Vise clamps as well. Knu-Vise clamps such as Air-Operated, Hold Down, Linear and Squeeze clamps.

Knu-Vise and Wolverine Large Volume Discounts

Our Knu-Vise product line offers clamps such as Air-Operated, these type of clamps can be a clamp-proper, cylinders, pneumatic hold down or pneumatic linear. The Knu-Vise Hold Down clamps can be double toggle vertical, horizontal or vertical. We also offer linear clamps that are designed to apply a clamping force either directly toward or away from a surface.The Knu-Vise Squeeze action clamp apply a compressive clamping force between the clamps two jaws.

The Wolverine brand Air Operated offers pneumatic hold down, clamp-proper and cylinder. The Wolverine Hold Down is offered in vertical or horizontal, while the linear can be either push or pull. As you can see, Lapeer Manufacturing offers a large variety of clamps to choose from. Visit our large volume discount form with the amount of products you would like to purcahse and we will respond with available discount amounts!