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Clamps are available from Lapeer Manufacturing, for heavy duty industries and jobs choose Wolverine, for lighter workloads choose Knuvise.

New Push-Pull Clamps with safety locking system

Introducing our New Locking Clamps These are the first of our “P” series featuring our new safety locking system (patent pending). The linear action push-pull clamps with 2,500 lb. capacity, flanged base, round push-rod is drilled and tapped to accept 3/8-16 bolt. PHL-2501-P    Both Feature: Lock in closed and two separate open positions. Lock can […]


Pneumatic Clamps Find Wide Use

Air Use in Our Age of Automation It’s no secret that technology has changed our world dramatically in just a few centuries. That includes air compression devices like pneumatic clamps and how we use them. Pneumatic cylinders, the components that essentially manage compressed air play a big part in the linear drive unit world. They’re […]


Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps are popular devices for manually clamping in areas such as construction, carpentry, metal working, woodworking and other areas. There are multiple uses for toggle clamps and a wide variety to choose from. At Lapeer Manufacturing, we offer Knu-Vise and Wolverine Tool brand name clamps. Knu-Vise Clamp Line Lapeer Manufacturing was established in 1946, and […]