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Clamps are available from Lapeer Manufacturing, for heavy duty industries and jobs choose Wolverine, for lighter workloads choose Knuvise.

Industries Using Lapeer Manufacturing Clamps

Lapeer Manufacturing has been one of the nation’s leading clamp distributor for decades. Our clamps are used in a wide variety of industries from tool and die to trailer manufacturing industry, with the sturdy construction and dependability of our clamps, Lapeer Manufacturing is the first choice in many industries. Clamps are a important component in […]


Heavy-Duty Clamps

Lapeer Manufacturing’s Wolverine brand of clamps specializes primarily in heavy duty clamps. Clamps such as Hold Down and Linear Action clamps are a staple of the Wolverine brand clamps. These rugged heavy duty clamps are built with quality drop forged and billet components and are always tough and reliable. These heavy-duty clamps are built to last […]


Large Volume Discounts

Are you looking to buy large quantities of our Wolverine or Knu-Vise products? At Lapeer Manufacturing we can offer discount for large volume orders. Simply fill out our large volume request form and we will contact you about a discount on your order, just that simple. We can offer discounts on clamps such as Wolverine […]


Push Pull Clamps Michigan

A push-pull clamp is a toggle clamp that are used for applications where straight line clamping is required. The push-pull clamp have a over the center toggle lock that can be in a extended or retracted position. Because of this it allows the action to be either pulled or pushed for the clamping. The best […]


C-Clamps Michigan

C-clamps have a multitude of uses in a variety of industries. C-clamps are sometimes referred to as a G-clamps or G-cramps, the name is a result from the overall look of the clamp. The clamp itself can look like a C, hence the name. C-clamps are typically used to hold two objects together. Technically there […]